Hello there. My name is Sam, which are my initials, not a nickname. I'm a computer whisperer from Portland Oregon, doing web stuff professionally and game things in my free time.

More recently I've been entrenched in Drupal, which is an open source content management system written in PHP. Before that I was writing workflow improvements for ticketing systems, convoluted PowerShell snippets for system management, and small, mostly incomplete games using Source, Love2D, Quake, Unreal, and many other fleeting engines.

Outside of the machine world, I draw cartoons, play piano, annoy my two cats (Butters & Custard), and watch martial arts movies. I've never considered myself a master of anything, and in the same vein despise the term "Full Stack Developer", but will accept challenges from any hobbyist of foosball, Gipf, rice speed-eating, or archery. That list is in order of competence and willingness to lose money.

I made this website to archive some of my work in a single domain, and to showcase some funny visualizations that weren't worth fleshing out into full projects. If you find anything of interest, or you wish to file a complaint, feel free to contact me.