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A CMS that runs in your browser tab
A screenshot of the tabcms user interface

I've worked in the CMS world for awhile, and was wondering how hard it would be to make a basic CMS that runs completely in your browser without a backend. I created - a functional CMS and site builder that lets you edit pages, templates, CSS, JavaScript, files, and images.


A multi-track track recorder for MIDI
A screenshot of the midi-tape user interface

In quarantine I decided to build a multi-track tape recorder for MIDI, in the style of old TASCAM 4-track cassette recorders and the Teenage Engineering OP-1. It's web based, using Web MIDI to record and play back MIDI events.

Lunr for Drupal

Static searches without custom code
The Lunr logo

After creating Tome, I realized that the two most common requests for static sites would be form submissions (covered by many third parties) and search. Search on a static site is usually done with AJAX, sometimes to a third party or something like Solr.


A static site generator for Drupal
The Tome website

As I started to use static site generators like Jekyll and Gatsby, I started to wonder why Drupal couldn't also be used as a static site generator. After a ton of work, more than any on any Drupal module I've made, I created Tome, a static site generator for Drupal 8 that stored content, config, files, and HTML statically.

Moderation Note

An inline notation tool for Drupal
Moderation note's user interface

When comparing Drupal to other content management systems, a major feature request is to have some sort of inline commenting tool. This is useful when collaborating with other content editors as part of a moderation workflow.

Photo Booth

The original GIF-strip generator
The photo booth at the wedding ceremony.

When I was helping to plan my wedding, I thought it would be a cool idea to have a photo booth. I looked up some local Portland options, and thought the ~$1,000 price tag for what is essentially a DSLR camera and a backdrop was pretty ridiculous.

Super Mortyla

A wedding invite video game
The title screen of Super Mortyla

As my wife and I were splitting up tasks for our wedding, I ambitiously took on creating and printing wedding invites, and making a website where our guests could learn more about Portland and digitally RSVP.

File Browser

Select and preview files and images in Drupal
File Browser displayed in multiple view modes.

When I was working at Acquia on the demo team, it became apparent that Drupal's native file handling was not exciting enough to impress clients coming from other content management systems.