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You can call me Sam. I live in Portland, Oregon and spend a lot of time on the internet. I like web development, security research, and games. I did Drupal for a long time, but am trying my hand at security engineering now.


The latest from my mind to yours

Meet Bookish, an install profile for static Drupal blogs

For the last four years I’ve been working on a static site generator for Drupal called Tome. Unlike other generators Tome uses “vanilla” Drupal, which means that if you know how to build a Drupal site, you know how to build a Tome site! One downside of this is that when comparing a default install of Drupal with a default install of something like Gatsby, Drupal looks pretty outdated. I wanted to show Tome off but couldn’t do it well with core, so I decided to focus my energy on a new install profile for static blogs - Bookish.

Taking my work private

After a few weeks of mulling, I've decided to start doing more of my work in private, and drop most of my obligations with open source projects I maintain or contribute to.

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