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Altimit OS Clone

A Love2D copy of a video game user interface
A screenshot of the Altimit OS clone

One of my first big programming projects was a clone of Altimit OS, a fictional operating system from the PlayStation 2 game .hack//Infection, which I was a big fan of. In .hack, you played as a teenager playing a massively multiplayer online game, so every time you started the PlayStation 2 game you saw the desktop of Altimit OS, where you could launch applications for reading your email, checking the news, and more.

It was all very meta, and I was hooked. As a tribute to the game, I decided to make a nearly pixel-perfect clone of the interface in Love2D, a Lua based game engine. There was so much code involved to make this happen, but I also had to rip the original game data from the game disc, hand-design the rotating 3D icons using Google Sketchup, and reformat all the data so it could be presented in Love2D.

Unfortunately, it has been so long since I worked on it that my copy of the source code is incomplete, and is built for a old version of Love2D that I still can't find.

Here's a video of it in action:

And here's a snapshot of the 3D assets I created:

3D Altimit OS icons