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Drupal services private file access bypass via IDOR

There’s a feature in Drupal that not a lot of people know about, but is a great target for security research - private files. Private files allow you to upload files to a non-public directory on your server, then serve them through Drupal instead of through your HTTP server.

Making a multiplayer game with Go and gRPC

Recently I’ve started to pick up a new programming language, Go, but have struggled to absorb lessons from presentations and tutorials into practical knowledge. My preferred learning method is always to work on a real project, even if it means the finished work has loads of flaws.

Static searches with Drupal and Lunr

As a part of my ongoing work on Tome, a Drupal static site generator, I’ve become interested in providing a solution for static searches. If you have a static site there’s typically no backend to do any server side processing, which means that search has to be done on the client or through a third party service.

Getting creative with Drupal XSS

In the world of web security, cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities are extremely common, and will continue to be a problem as web applications become increasingly complex.

Chained Drupal CSRF to disable all blocks

Note: The exploit discussed in this post was never included in a stable core release, so don’t freak out! The Drupal security team quickly fixed this while 8.3.x was still in development.